Educational Activities

Active Citizenship Training Course :after Jan. 25 revolution, DNB has developed this new course to match community needs and increase youth political awareness through many lectures, session and workshops such as; ethics, positivism, citizenship, responsibilities and rights, election awareness, political terminologies, taking the initiative.

Movie night: Youth choose an educational movie and watch it together. After the movie is ended they hold discussions about what they learened from the movie and what they did not like. Also they discuss the problems that faced the actors and what they could have done if they were put in the same place.

Book Discussion: Youth got to agree on one book to read and they dividethe book on them , so each one read a chapter from the book. They set a date to get together and each one tells the other people what they found useful in their chapter and they can start discussion on the whole book.

Horizons "Afaq" : Youth got to choose a certain topic that they need to talk about and then everyone read about the topic from his own sources and then hold a meeting to have big discussions about that topic. A moderator is chosen to moderate the discussions.

Know your country : Field trips to different historical places inside Cairo or inside Egypt to get youth to get to know their country better.

Microsoft Unlimited Potential: is a project for training of 500 young people on computer skills. This project in cooperation with Microsoft and Egyptian federation of youth NGOs.

Youth initiatives: DNB encourages and supports youth to take the initiatives and support community service.

Real Vacation Festival: A festival to promote the importance of using summer holiday for school students.
Knowlege with no limits: (Educational symposiums). We invite a specialized speaker to give a symposium about a specific topic that can benefit youth and enhance their skills.

Sports day: We organize a day full of sport activities that allow youth to pratice sport and stay healthy.