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About DNB

Establishment Story
As a Group of pharmacy students who wanted to discover other cultures and believed that they can make a difference in their community.
Development No Borders (DNB ) is an Egyptian NGO based on voluntary work of young people aged between 18-35 who aim to develop  themselves and  their  society.

DNB is working in youth development since 2003
Our activities are categorized under social, Cultural and Voluntary activities as non formal educational methods,

In the international level we care about subjects like culture understanding and diversity, xenophobia, racism and discrimination and for sure other topics related to youth development.

DNB is Member association of the Egyptian Federation for Youth associations, Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU) in the Euromed region and a member association of Anna Lindah foundation for culture understanding and dialogue.

On 2011, DNB has been awarded the ALF Euro-Med Award for Dialogue between Cultures for our work on the promotion of citizenship and active participation among youth.

We don't have paid staff and we are all volunteers looking forward for something good for our society