3rd Creative Poster Writing Workshop in Cairo

Development No borders organization would like to invite you to its 3rd workshop "Loesje Introduction and Methods how to write a Loesje Poster" that will take place at " DNB Training Center"  , Saturday 6th July 2013 at 5 pm

Our workshop is a part of a joint project with Loesje Organisation named "Loesje Crosses the Mediterranean" and is funded by "The youth in action" and "The Anna Lindh Foundation"

Loesje is an international network famous for their method of making creative text posters,You can check Loesje's Poster Database on www.loesje.org

Loesje was founded in 1983 , Most of the people in Loesje are young, but there are no age limits. You don’t have to subscribe to any particular opinions to join Loesje, but the activities are based on a humanistic value base, which means believing in the power of solidarity between people, and refrain from social exclusion, Anyone is welcome to join making the posters in text writing workshops, and to join other creative activities and projects under the auspices of Development No Borders

If you are interested to attend , Please fill the online application max by Friday 5th of July.

The priority for earlier applications .. REGISTER NOW !