Empowering Youth through EVS TC

Call for Participants for "Empowering Youth Through EVS " Training Course in Greece

Date : 11-21 December 2014

Place : Lefkas, Greece

Number of Participants from DNB: 3

Project Summary :

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is an opportunity for young people between 18 & 30 to offer a voluntary service all over the world, 
within one non-profit organisation or institute. In the course of every voluntary service, the young people learn and become richer in many regards (communication, self-determination, citizenship, culture). At the end of their European voluntary service, the young volunteers are awarded with a certificate named “Youth pass”. This certificate attests to each volunteer’s participation in the respective EVS and illustrates the various learning / experiences of the volunteer developed during his / her service.
On the other hand, it is a common knowledge that nowadays landing a job doesn’t merely require having the right degrees and nothing else. The employers are out for detecting which employees have skills & competences acquired within the frame of informal learning contexts, such as volunteering. In fact, 75% of young people who took part in a program of EVS affirmed that they have better career outlook thanks to this experience.
Considering the value of EVS, we set out to create with our partners an EVS diary titled “EVS log book” in July 2012:

This tool is already being used by many European young volunteers, it allows every volunteer to monitor (or: keep a track of) his/her personal learning advance, from the moment he / she made the decision to engage in volunteering until the end of his/her service. It is an attractive tool which is able to help the volunteer to register and follow all stages of the particular project he/she is involved in, the supporting methods which he/she had recourse to, his/her personal evaluations, as well as learning and experience acquired in the process.In this context, we wish to launch a training course (project) which will involve 30 youth workers (EVS project managers, mentors, supervisor of volunteers, coordinators of volunteering projects, educators and ex-volunteers) who will come from different organizations dealing with the youth from all Europe for a period of 9 days in December 2014 on the island of Lefkas. In the training course referred to, we plan to exchange our experiences and develop our competences about volunteering project management. We will also develop common methods with a view to facilitate and improve the quality of the preparation of the volunteer, the quality of his/her carrying out the particular project, 
including implementation of his/her tasks, the quality of the assistance measures and the self-evaluation of the volunteer. This way, his/her awareness about the advance of his/her project and his/her own personal evolution will be raised.The methods which we are going to elaborate by this training course will allow us both to make easier and more efficient the monitoring/following and the support of the volunteers and to optimize the results of their volunteering projects.
These methods to be applied will be aimed by creating an enhanced advanced version of EVS Log-book. This tool will be an On-line version, it will be diffused and used by a more consistent number of European volunteers with a view to enhance the quality of monitoring & personal exploitation of their own European volunteering service.

Travel Cost: You will pay 100% from travel cost and you will get refund up to 275 Euros
Participation Fees : 30 Euros
Visa Cost: 100% will be refunded 

Who Can Apply? 

Participant should be: 

- DNB Member 

- Participated in “Saffer Masr” Course 

- Active member with DNB Activities 

- Have a previous Experience related to the topic

If you are interested , please fill this ONLINE APPLICATION!

Deadline for receiving the applications is Sunday 19th October 2014


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