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Call for Interns - EgyptOnline Project

DNB gladly announce for the following intern positions in its new project “EgyptOnline“ funded by UNAOC (United Nation Alliance Of Civilizations), the project will bring together Muslim and christian youth to build an online platform promoting mutual understanding and nonviolence communication between all Egyptians.

Intern positions:

1) Social media interns
-Create and Update Social Networking vehicles via Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.
-Respond to followers’ comments and concerns in a timely manner.
- Promote for especial events
- Seek out new content, articles, memes, videos photos, etc that would be pertinent to “EgyptOnline“ community.
-Work with Content Interns to share fresh engaging media.

2) Communication/PR 
-Communicate with local community and stake holders to increase the visibility and impact of “EgyptOnline“
- Create and develop media lists, press releases, and basic PR functions.
- Organizing events and conferences

3) Web Administrator 
- Work with leaders to build “EgyptOnline“website (Dynamic Website).
- Update “EgyptOnline“site with new content generated from Content Interns and project's Coordinators.
- Monitor site traffic

4) Web Designer
- Design the “EgyptOnllne “Website
- Design the posters and roll-ups that should be used during the project
- Design the Newsletter 

5) Editor
-Research and develop content for our various -online communities i.e face book, tumblr, website
- Write one original piece (journalistic article, commentary, creative non-fiction, etc.) per month
* preferably fresh graduate or students of media and journalism.

6) Photographer + Movie Maker
- Create professional movies to be used as promotion for the project 
- Capture professional photos during the meetings, events and conferences

The internship will provide an opportunity for youth to develop their capabilities and gain experience. Interns are expected to be flexible and to take part in various activities at the office and sometimes in the field.

All selected interns will receive a capacity building program for one week.

Thanks to the support of the UNAOC ( United Nations Alliance of Civilization ), all costs for special events will be covered by the project
(Travel, accommodation, meals, etc)

Qualified intern will receive a letter of recognition by DNB and its partners at the end of the project

Also DNB will promote them to participate in our International projects

We expect applicants to be committed for the whole six months duration of the project (20 July - 31 December 2013), hard-working, positive, open-minded, reflective and willing to learn.
Females, Christians and students are encouraged to apply.

How to apply
Click Here to fill this online application Max by Sunday 21st July 2013 @ 13.00

If you have any questions , Send it to EgyptOnline@dnbegypt.com or call +201006752319