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DNB International Projects for 2012 and 2013

Social Spark

- Date :March 2012
- Place : Germany
- Participants :
1- Ahmed Gamal
2- Mohamed Attia
3- Hala Faraj
4- Sherouk El Shafie

Project description:- The project aims to build a sustainable partnership between Egyptian, Tunesian, German and Polish NGOs supporting youth leadership in Civil Society. The project promotes the exchange of strategies for social engagement and participation of young people between Northern African and former Eastern Bloc states of Europe. The project’s thematic focus is a comparison of the role of youth in the social developments in Egypt and Tunesia in the spring of 2011 and those in Poland and East Germany leading up to and following 1989. In a 5 day workshop held in March 2012 in Berlin 16 participants from four partner organizations will exchange experiences and receive a deeper knowledge on long term and short term strategies of civic engagement of young people.

DNB and Scandinavia

- Date: March 2012
- Place: Sweden - Finland
- Participants:
1- Hassan Moussa
2- Dina Aziz

Project description:-
DNB is invited to come and visit Sweden/Finland/Denmark during April this year. Around 9 of the Swedish members are interested in networking and arranging activities with representatives of your NGO and I believe that this will be a most useful trip for us as well as for you.

MRI Scan (Mythology. Religion. Irreligion). Venus rising?

- Date: April 2012
- Place: Cyprus
- Participants:
1- Amal Mousa
2- Shady Amin

Project Description:
the aim of the training course is to analyze religion from different perspectives, and to view also the dimensions of mythology and irreligion. The objectives of the project is for participants to:
• to enhance their knowledge for other religions' creed and traditions and specifically Islam, Judaism and Christianity
• to share mythological aspects of their cultures
• to define mythology and its relation to religion
• to analyze the meaning of the concept of irreligion and its different interpretations
• to analyze the concept of Secular Humanism, as a response to Religion fundamentalism
• to improve their skills in making efficient interreligious dialogue
• to develop their tolerance and acceptance for people from different religious backgrounds

Building together our Euro-Med Home

Date: June 2012
Place: Greece
1- Ramy Abdel Fatah
2- Noha El Shafie

Project Description:
The concept of “home” is fundamental to human life. It is an area of "anchoring" and emotional bonding, power source and open communication. Home is the center of our "microcosm". It is where we pass the most important moments of life. Home recounts the family history, the history of each individual and the planet's history. Today, our lifestyle and the way we construct our homes in Europe and the Mediterranean, have worrying implications for human health and the planet. It therefore becomes important to promote the construction of ecological homes, fuel-efficient energy, that respect the environment and local cultures of the Euro-Mediterranean area, such as allow us to actively participate in a real sustainable development. To achieve this objective and to preserve the lives of future generations on our planet is essential to invest to raise awareness the young people and to lead the new generation to engage in this process.

Green Thinking

- Date: June 2012
- Place: Bulgaria
- Participants:
1- Ayman Etman
2- Rasha El Sheikh
3- Mohamed Mahdy

Project Description:
In the context of the global eco challenges and climate change we have an idea to realize a project which aims are to increase awareness, motivation, knowledge and skills of young people – youth leaders and workers in eco topics and to prepare them how to organize and realize eco actions for young people. Within 6 training days the participants are going to use non-formal education methods and are going to learn how to prepare and realize eco-actions for young people. All this is going to happen mainly using the method “learning by doing”. During the training the young people are going to organize and realize an eco action and after that they will discuss and describe the steps for organizing and realizing this kind of event. The young people are going to adopt new knowledge and skills which they are going to implement in their organizations and they will become multipliers of the programme.

Peace Bag Training of Multipliers

- Date: August 2012
- Place: Spain
- Participants:
1- Ahmed Magdy
2- Samar
3- Sarah Hani

Project Description:
Peace Bag for EuroMed Youth: a long-term project of the Anna Lindh Foundation coordinated by the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, in partnership with 17 youth organizations from 14 countries: Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Romania, Palestine, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Tunisia, and Turkey. The aim of the project is to mainstream peace education and intercultural dialogue in youth work.
PEACE BAG TOM 2012 is a training course that aims to build the training capacities and skills of young educators, trainers and multipliers on mainstreaming peace education and intercultural dialogue through non-formal learning methodologies.

 360º Peace in Media

- Date: September 2012
- Place: Spain
- Participants:
1- Mahmoud Magdy
2- Yassmin Ramadan

Project Description:
360º Peace in Media is a training course that aims to discuss the overall connectivity between media and peacebuilding process also going through the freedom of expression and information in media. Concentrating on media’s role in peacebuilding and conflicts, another aim is to bring together youth who are
interested in media tools in Europe, South Caucasus, and the Mediterranean to share their realities and experiences related to working with these tools.

Good For Things NOT People

- Date: November 2012
- Place: Scotland
- Participants:
1- Ayman Elshamy
2- Mary RizkAllah

Project Description:-
1. For All partners to meet and become familiar with each other and establish professional and personal relationships
2. To Make plans for the timescale for the rest of the wider project ‘Loesje Crosses the Mediterranean’
3. To provide information from each partners and about their methods to be used In the handbook that will be printed and distributed during the project ‘Loesje Crosses the Mediterranean’

Nonviolent Strategies in (Youth) Social Movements

- Date: December 2012
- Place: Spain
- Participants:
1- Hala Faraj
2- Sherouk El Shafie

Project Description:
The training course "Nonviolent Strategies in (Youth) Social Movements" will bring together 18 youth leaders from 6 organization from 6 EuroMed countries with the aim of exploring how young people can visualize and document strategies of nonviolence and conflict resolution by peaceful means, and analyze how it is related to the learning of values, rights and the development/building of democratic citizenship among youth.
By looking at the different methods and resources used by youth in the revolutionary movements in the EuroMed, the project aims to compile these experiences, and give youth an opportunity to share their lessons learn.

International Seminar on "engaged citizenship and local governance

- Date: December 2012
- Place: Morocco
- Participants:
1- Mohamed Farag

Project Description: -
The Engaged youth citizens program is a pilot project which aims to promote active citizenship and the entrepreneurial spirit of young people and encourage their involvement in public life in order to be engaged to improving the consideration of their ideas and proposals. And contribute to strengthening the dialogue, creating spaces for expression and networking and exchange between young people from both sides of the Mediterranean.


- Date :February 2013
- Place : Italy
- Participants :
1- Amal Mousa
2- Raghda Tharwat
3- Rana Essam
4- Marwa ElBakly
5- Mahmoud El Kaffas
6- Ahmed Naguib

Project Description:
Every culture is made of myths, legends and traditions handed down through stories, each of which has a historical background and social context. During the project we want to compare different traditions through stories and fairy tales, of different countries with the aim of building a bridge between cultures.

The stories represent the land of encounter and exchange, and during the exchange every country TELL THEIR STORY preparing a theatre skech of a typical fairy tales of their own land, in the original language, explaining the origins and the cultural and historical heritage

After that the participants will have to create new stories weaving the elements of each country and creating a new product that links different cultures and histories: a MELTING POT OF FAIRY TAYLES.

The youth will also deal with the topics through the non-formal education approach, including outdoor activities, workshop on folk cultures and cultural diversity, games with the aim to break stereotypes, guided tours and so on

Loesje crosses the Mediterranean

- Date :March 2013
- Place : Germany
- Participants :
1- Ramy Abdel Fatah
2- Mostafa Makhlouf
3- Ramy Mortada
4- Basma Darweesh
5- Radwa Essam
6- Heba Habeb

Project Description:
It is offering six motivated members of NGOs from 6 Countries (36 altogether) to learn, discuss, share experiences and practice the creative methods of Loesje; creative text writing, poster selection and lay out. We will practically work with the Human Rights ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’, and stimulate intercultural dialogue.
Following the training course, the participants will work together on conducting Loesje workshops and producing exhibitions, aimed at furthering the goals of Loesje and their respective NGOs in their home countries.

Spring of Democracy

- Date: April 2013
- Place: Sweden
- Participants:
1- Sarah Farid
2- Ahmed Gaber
3- Mostafa Salah

Project Description :
The aim of the project is to stimulate youngster to reflect upon the human rights driven society and use to empower them to become active citizens.
To empower youngsters between 15-19 years old to reflect and talk about human rights, democracy and human rights by creating short mobile phone films and by enrolling them into the International Film Festival organized in April 2013 in Göteborg, Sweden;

To improve the knowledge about the concept and practice of democracy and youth participation of 48 youngsters from 4 different countries by participating in a study visit and a youth exchange organized in Göteborg and Cairo/Egypt during April respectively June 2013;