Deadline: 14th of May 2012

Do you think youth should play a decisive role in shaping the future of their societies?
Are you actively engaging in cultural, social, and political projects which will serve your environment and society as a whole?
Would you like to meet and discuss with young people from around the Mediterranean who share your ideals?
Would you like to learn more on skills and methods that will help you in your future projects?
Then join us in a free call for the CULTURAL INNOVATORS NETWORK.

CULTURAL INNOVATORS NETWORK is inspired by the youth movements which comprised the whole of the Mediterranean region in the course of 2011. The year witnessed not only the Arab spring, but also diverse youth protests in many other countries around the Mediterranean and the start of the Occupy movement. It showed that youth are looking for innovative and creative means of participation and that they want to have a share in the shaping of the future of their societies. Culture and Arts have always played an important role in discussing and questioning challenges for societies.

CULTURAL INNOVATORS NETWORK, which is organized by the Goethe-Institut, aims at connecting young people from different European and Arab countries. It provides a platform for discussing experiences and approaches to challenges of their societies. Through meetings, online platforms and jointly drafted projects the CULTURAL INNOVATORS NETWORK will build strong links between the participants.

In the course of the CULTURAL INNOVATORS NETWORK’s program participants will also have the opportunity to receive further input and capacitation on topics and organizational skills they would like to learn more about. This might comprise input on digital campaigning, fundraising, Open Space Technology, negotiation techniques. But after all it is the participants who will set the agenda of the final CULTURAL INNOVATORS MEETING, which will be held in Istanbul in 2012.

CULTURAL INNOVATORS NETWORK’s program consists of four phases. In the first phase we will create a core group of 20 participants who will get the opportunity to take part in the Learning Journeys to countries to the north and south of the Mediterranean. In the process of these journeys the core group will visit institutions and active members of civil society and have the opportunity to exchange their views and learn from each other. After these journeys the 20 participants will come together in Alexandria for a Preparatory Meeting during which they will set the agenda of the Cultural Innovators Forum which will be held at the end of the year in Istanbul. In addition to the core group, another 80 participants will join the project for the Cultural Innovators Forum. There the 100 participants will not only discuss the experiences gained at the Learning Journeys, but they will also have the opportunity to jointly draft up to 20 projects which will be financially and organizationally supported by the Goethe-Institut and professional support teams in 2013.
We encourage you to apply for one of two following options:
OPTION 1: Participation in Learning Journeys, Preparatory Meeting and Cultural Innovators Forum
We are looking for 20 participants with strong links to their society who are willing to invest a lot of dedication and time, since they will be working very intensively with each other, meeting three times in the span of seven months. These 20 participants will form the core group of CULTURAL INNOVATORS NETWORK. In late June and July each 6 or 7 participants will take part in a Learning Journey. The first Learning Journey will take European participants to Egypt; the other two journeys will take participants from Arab countries to Italy and Germany. After having completed the Learning Journeys, the 20 participants will meet in Alexandria to discuss the agenda of the Cultural Innovators Forum which will take place in the city of Istanbul in December 2012.
OPTION 2: Participation in the Cultural Innovators Forum
You will be one of 100 international participants of the Cultural Innovators Forum, which will be held in Istanbul in December 2012. In this meeting you will discuss and enhance the agenda set in the first phase of CULTURAL INNOVATORS NETWORK. You will have the chance to acquire new skills and methods relevant to your aspired commitment in society.
And you will design 20 projects which will be implemented in 2013 in collaboration with your local Goethe-Institut. Last but not least you will participate in forming a new and exciting network of young people from countries all around the Mediterranean.

- be open to meet and work together with people from different cultures and social backgrounds
- be engaged in projects or institutions working on political, social or cultural issues
- have the ability to implement a project and to inspire other people for their goals and ideals
- have strong links with the civil society in their countries
- be a resident of one of the eligible countries1
- be young adults up to the age of 32
- and have a very good command of English



- The Learning Journeys (duration: 7 days) will take place between the end of June and July. The three destinations are: Egypt, Italy, and Germany.
- The Preparatory meeting (duration: 6 days), will be held in the first part of September 2012 in the city of Alexandria.
- The Cultural Innovators Forum (duration: 7 days) will be held in December in the city of Istanbul.

Travel and accommodation costs are covered. Catering is provided. We will support you to obtain the required visa.


Your application should comprise:
- one completed Application Form
- one portrait photo2
Please send the attached application by email only to the following contacts:
Fabian Ledwon
CC : dnb@dnbegypt,com

This project is financed by the German Federal Foreign Office in the framework of the transition partnership and supported by Anna Lindh Foundation and Heinz Schwarzkopf Foundation.

Note: Please provide also a copyright mention (Who owns this photo?). Your picture will be used exclusively in the CULTURAL INNOVATORS NETWORK’s homepage and Facebook page and other project related publications
Ayman Elshamy,
May 3, 2012, 9:25 AM