Green Thinking Project

Call for Participants for " Green Thinking ” Training course

Date:  11-17 of June 2012

Place:  Ruse, Bulgaria

Countries:  Egypt, Spain , Greece, Bulgaria , Italy, Morocco, Romania, Tunisia, and Turkey

Number of Participants from DNB: 3

Project Description:

In the context of the global eco challenges and climate change we have an idea to realize a project which aims are to increase awareness, motivation, knowledge and skills of young people – youth leaders and workers in eco topics and to prepare them how to organize and realize eco actions for young people. Within 6 training days the participants are going to use non-formal education methods and are going to learn how to prepare and realize eco-actions for young people. All this is going to happen mainly using the method “learning by doing”. During the training the young people are going to organize and realize an eco action and after that they will discuss and describe the steps for organizing and realizing this kind of event. The young people are going to adopt new knowledge and skills which they are going to implement in their organizations and they will become multipliers of the programme.

Travel Cost: You will pay 100% from travel cost and during the project you will get 70% refund

Visa Cost: You will pay 100% of the visa cost and during the project you will get 100% refund

DNB Participation Fees : 100 LE  ( Will be paid to DNB before the project )

Who Can Apply?

Participant should be:

-         DNB Member

-         Participated in “Saffer Masr” Course

-         Active member with DNB Activities


If you are interested, please fill the following online application

DNB Bulgaria Project

Deadline for receiving the applications is Friday 4th May



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