Loesje crosses the Mediterranean



CALL for Participants

Training course:

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A part of the project: “Loesje crosses the Mediterranean”

Date:  15th March : 21th March 2013 ( Including Travel Days )

Place:  Berlin, Germany

Number of Participants from DNB: 6

Care about encouraging dialogue, diversity, development and democracy?

Want to learn an innovative method for expressing your values and yourself, which is used already in over 30 countries around the world?

Curious to meet interesting people from different cultures across the Mediterranean?


Here is your chance!

We are offering six motivated members of NGOs from 6 Countries (36 altogether) to learn, discuss, share experiences and practice the creative methods of Loesje; creative text writing, poster selection and lay out. We will practically work with the Human Rights ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’, and stimulate intercultural dialogue.

Following the training course, the participants will work together on conducting Loesje workshops and producing exhibitions, aimed at furthering the goals of Loesje and their respective NGOs in their home countries.

Profile of the participants:-

  • Motivated to attend the whole training course.
  •  Able to communicate in English (spoken and written).
  • Committed to organize three workshops and one exhibition in their home countries following the training course.
  • Preferably youth leaders or otherwise interested to act as multipliers, sharing the knowledge they have gained during the training with young people back home.
  • Motivated to dealing concretely with discrimination, prepared to be active voices and witnesses.
  • Interested in non-profit activities, open to share and invest energy in promoting values of peace building, democracy, human rights and diversity.

Associated Costs:

· The participants will be reimbursed for all travel, accommodation, and visa-related costs ( additional participation fees will be 25 Euros, )

What is Loesje?

Loesje is an international network of young, creative citizens organized both in local informal groups and national associations in about 30 countries around the world. Loesje is not a one-topic network but cares about everything and anything that goes on in society: locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Loesje tries to inspire, stimulate and activate young people through creative poster writing but also creative projects, information campaigns, human rights education, collaborative book writing, online awareness raising and much more.

The Loesje methods of creative text writing and poster dissemination is a great way, proved best practice in many countries, to encourage individual reflection and collective response of people in public space about relevant political and social topics. The methods provide tools for young people to reflect, react and discuss topics relevant to them, to raise awareness, to put topics on the agenda and to inspire others to act. They establish responsible, respectful and critical dialogue among the collaborating youth based on Loesje’s values: acceptance of pluralism and cultural diversity, mutual respect between societies, religions, and believes; solidarity, Human Rights and fundamental freedoms.

In young democracies, the short but thought inspiring texts of Loesje can provide an easily accessible approach to active citizenship for young people. The recent events in the Mediterranean have shown that youth can be the force of change and liberators of public space when united towards a common aim. Loesje has for nearly 30 years facilitated such social change through its posters.

Read more here: www.loesje.org FB: Loesje International Twitter: LoesjeINT


The participants of the training will:
  1. learn and increase their respect for human rights, religious tolerance and the acceptance of diversity,
  2. be able to form, discuss and express their opinions,
  3. learn to take responsibility for personal actions,
  4. work with others to achieve a common goal,
  5. promote the dialogue and strive for consensus,
  6. build their confidence along with the ability to change society,
  7. gain innovative and interactive tools for expression and active participation,
  8. get involved in a local youth organization with positive values and non-violent approach,
  9. get new intercultural experiences and develop their skills,
  10. develop their understanding of citizenship rights and responsibilities

How to apply?

Just follow this link to apply and fill DNB Application Form

Deadline is Monday 10th December 2012 to receive the 2 application forms

The project is funded by the Youth in Action Programme and the Anna Lindh Foundation