Youth Engaged Citizens Program

" Intercultural Space of youth engaged citizens Youth participation spaces in democratic changes" Seminar

Date: 9-13 May 2013

Place:  Safi, Morocco

Number of Participants from DNB: 2

The main objective of this seminar is to facilitate exchanges between Moroccan youth and young foreigners from common values (freedom, democracy, tolerance ...). This meeting of youth claim to be an open forum for discussion, information and discussion.
The intercultural youth seminar will be a gathering of young people decided to exercise their power of speech, to contribute to build a world free and solider. In coherence with all international instruments that help to affirm the universal rights of people.

2 - The purpose of the seminar:
Promote active citizenship and the entrepreneurial spirit of young people and encourage their involvement in public life for local citizen’s engagement to improving the consideration of their ideas and proposals. And contribute to strengthening of dialogue, creating spaces for expression, networking and exchange between youth from the both sides of the Mediterranean space.

3 - Specific objectives:
Interested Young people in the life of the municipality and initiate theme at the participatory citizenship
Encourage and organize communication between youth through exchange programs
Initiate discussions on the participatory process of youth in democracy
Sensitize young people about the democratic principles of citizen participation in good governance
Give young people the opportunity to be involved in democracy and thus improve their quality of life
Improve civil society networks between youth from Morocco and partner countries
Allow the appropriation of information and communication technology, as collective reflection support and cooperative production

4- Expected results:
The creation of a young engaged citizen’s space
Increased competences of participants and their organization to engage in euro-Mediterranean cooperation and to integrate the learned intercultural perspectives in their work
Increased understanding and appreciation of euro-Mediterranean culture
Cooperation projects and initiatives related to the active citizenship and democracy
A network of contacts between Moroccan and Mediterranean countries

Travel Cost: You will pay 100% from travel cost and during the project you will get 70% refund.

Visa Cost: You will pay 100% of the visa cost and during the project you will get 100% refund

DNB Participation Fees : 100 LE  ( Will be paid to DNB before the project )

Who Can Apply?

Participant should be:

-         DNB Member

-         Participated in “Saffer Masr” Course

-         Active member with DNB Activities

If you are interested , please fill this online application

 Youth Engaged Citizens Program

Deadline for receiving the applications is Tuesday 23st April 2013



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