Youth Engaged Citizens Program

Call for Participants for " International Seminar on "engaged citizenship and local governance" 

The launching activity of the

Youth Engaged Citizens Program

Date:  30th November-04th December 2012

Place:  Safi, Morocco

Number of Participants from DNB: 1

Seminar Aims:

Specialists and partners from MENA, the European Union and Eastern Europe will take part in this official launch meeting of the "youth engaged citizens program " which aims to promote particular experiences of these Mediterranean countries in terms of civic engagement of youth in local governance

About the Project

The Engaged youth citizens program is a pilot project which aims to promote active citizenship and the entrepreneurial spirit of young people and encourage their involvement in public life in order to be engaged to improving the consideration of their ideas and proposals. And contribute to strengthening the dialogue, creating spaces for expression and networking and exchange between young people from both sides of the Mediterranean.

The program which is taking place in 10 months aims to achieve its objectives by mobilizing and networked young Moroccans from different common with other young people from partner countries around the engaged citizenship in a frame of the intercultural exchange.

The program aims to promote participatory approaches developing young investment in local activities, giving them a relay role in active citizenship.and active participation in democracy and local governance.

The project aims to develop through thematic roundtables awareness and training on democracy and engaged citizenship among young Moroccans and foreigners in a frame of intercultural exchange through the following activities:

A-Preparatory Phase: Collecting information in each country by a participatory diagnostic issues of citizenship, democracy and intercultural exchange

B-organization of the partners planning visit and official launch:

The project development is done by a core team of group leaders of each partner organization who will meet after the evaluation of the preparatory phase in Morocco

This visit will take place one month before the beginning of video conferences between participants to ensure the proper functioning of the basic team and that the youth exchange be of high quality. This planning seems crucial not only to ensure good collaboration, but also a good organization (preparation activities, investments, logistics, visibility measures and dissemination of results, distribution of responsibilities, financial issues, etc.)..

This tour will conclude by the organization of an international conference on the business of official launch of the program, with the presence of decision makers, experts, researchers, and social partners 

C- The video conferences: 

The roundtables will bring together participants, group leaders, facilitators and resource persons to discuss issues related to democracy, engaged citizenship, social media in a frame of an intercultural exchange.

The discussions will take place in the virtual space by videoconferencing. Each of the three video conferences will meet twice during the program

D-The organization of Intercultural Seminar "Intercultural space for youth engaged citizens" with the participation of all youth evolved by the program who will create a permanent network at the end of activity.

This 4-day seminar held in Morocco that will concludes with a final conference will bring together young people and policy makers to discuss the results presented and how to apply them in practice. A statement based on the recommendations will be presented to decision makers.

Travel Cost: You will pay 100% from travel cost and during the project you will get 70% refund.

Visa Cost: You will pay 100% of the visa cost and during the project you will get 100% refund

DNB Participation Fees : 100 LE  ( Will be paid to DNB before the project )

Who Can Apply?

Participant should be:

-         DNB Member ( Member with more than 2 years within DNB )

-         Participated in “Saffer Masr” Course

-         Active member with DNB Activities

-        Participated within DNB Activities in the last 2 years

-        Will be committed to continue with the next phases of the project

If you are interested , please fill this online application

 Youth Engaged Citizens Program

Deadline for receiving the applications is Sunday 04st November 2012



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