EUROMED Challenge # 3 – Be an artist!

Call for Participants for " EUROMED Challenge # 3 – Be an artist!" Project in Portugal

Date : From 23rd August till 31st August 2013

Place : Amarante , Portugal

Countries : Portugal - Tunisia - Italy - Egypt

Number of Participants from DNB: 5 ( Age between 18 till 25 )  + 1 Group Leader ( 25+ )

Idea & Objectives :
 ‘EUROMED Challenge # 3 – Be an artist!’ tries through non-formal education methodologies to stimulate young people's artistic spirit, imagination and improvisation. We want to promote a creative personality among the participants through challenges that appeal to youth initiative and healthy competition.

The main objectives are: expressing creativity in non-formal artistic contexts; learning to express in other ways and in this way discover different artistic attitudes; raise awareness/involve the local community by promoting active participation and citizenship and also the importance of being artistic; show the value of art and promote its the role in society; raise the spirit of cooperation among youngsters and between them and the community.

Main activities and methods: the ‘Euromed Challenge #3: be an artist!’ will consist of 4 different challenges and a 5th final challenge that will connect all the challenges with a final outcome. In each challenge the groups will get one art type assigned where they can express themselves and the group. These art types will rotate between the different groups: music, performance art, visual art and photography/graphical art. Per challenge the teams will get points assigned and in the end of the week there will be the challenge winner. Besides the challenges we will organize activities that will stimulate/promote artistic expression as well, in most of these activities points can also be gained.

As we did with success in previous projects, one of the activities is to share and taste the different food proposals from EuroMed countries - the Euromed Food Day will be an open event for the locals in Casa da Juventude de Amarante (youth center). 

Note :

Travel Cost: You will pay 100% from travel cost and during the project you will get 70% refund.

Visa Cost:  100% will be refunded

The Group Leader will participate in the APV @ Portugal from 5th till 8th August .

Who Can Apply?

Participant should be:

- DNB Member

- Participated in “Saffer Masr” Course

- Active member with DNB Activities

If you are interested , please fill this online application

Deadline for receiving the applications  is  Friday 12th July 2013


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