"Dreams Taste Better when you bake them yourself " TC

Call for participants for " Dreams taste better when you bake them yourself " TC

: 15/09/2015 - 23/09/2015

Place : Berlin , Germany 

Number of Participants from DNB: 4

Project Summary :

The aim of the project is the empowerment of young people by interactive skill sharing and mutual participation and workshop giving. Through this we will be improving conditions for actors for change to work for enhanced democratization and freedom of expression; providing tools, training and networking that encourage dialogue, diversity, democracy and development. The aim will be achieved by spreading the Loesje 'School of Freedom' method as well as Loesje creative writing methodology, which supports active citizenship, freedom of expression in a tolerant and open-minded way. Loesje groups reflect social topics trough debate and discussion about actual issues, support and highlighting specific problems and issues in 
public life by sticking posters, communicating with different groups and organizing events.

We will focus on developing creativity, presentation skills as well as leadership/trainer skills (workshops, lectures, movie discussions etc). We would like to raise confidence through sharing of knowledge and skills (everyone knows something they can teach others/everyone can learn something from others). Personal responsibility as well as responsibility for the group and the environment. The specific objective of the project is to train young people in creative methods of exchange of knowledge, where they not only learn from one another but also learn the method of "School of Freedom" itself which they can developed and use . All the necessary know-how and tools needed for their further activities and networking between organizations in Europe and in theMediterranean, Caucasus, and Balkan regions. 

The objectives are:
-To train young people, trainers in the International network in the "School of Freedom" method, as well as creative writing, providing them with know-how and tools needed for further activities.
- To thereby facilitate personal growth, skills sharing and innovative non-formal educational methods to young international trainers
-To share good practices between organizations in the field of non-formal education, democratization and religious tolerance and reflect on important issues regarding young people.
-To bring together motivated young people willing to act and focus their energy, motivation and skills towards democratization and freedom of expression.
-To present innovative tools for expression and active participation to activists in partner countries and disadvantaged regions.

Travel Cost: You will pay 100% from travel cost and during the project you will get 100% refund ( up to 360 Euro )

Visa Cost: 100% will be refunded 

Who Can Apply? 

Participant should be: 

- DNB Member 

- Participated in “Saffer Masr” Course 

- Active member with DNB Activities 

If you are interested , please fill this ONLINE APPLICATION!

Deadline for receiving the applications is Saturday 11th July 2015

Note : Please call Vodafone and  get an appointment at the Embassy after you apply and then you can cancel it if you are not selected.


International Relations Committee 

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