Human rights and violation

Call for participants for "Human Rights and Violation" TC

Venue: Berlin , Germany  

Dates : 4-12 December 2015

Number of DNB Participants : 4

Project Summary :
3 Training courses in 1 Project  , Below the summary for each TC

1. Human rights
- which are , why we Need them
-raising awarness on HR through NFE
- how to recognize violation
- Violation of human rights in General
- human rights education - cretaive ways
-human rights activities
2. Inclusion
-stereotypes , prejudices
- type of exclusion ( nationality, Special Needs, gender, migration,  etc)
- reasons for exclusion
- creative ways of inclusion
- gender equality
- activities for inclusion
3. Active democratic participation
- reasons for demotivated youth
-actual Problems of the Young People and the community
-encouraging  Young People in the democrative life
-european citizenship
-common values
-youth policy makers
-online-offline activism

Travel Cost: You will pay 100% from travel cost and during the project you will get 100% refund ( up to 360 Euro )

Visa Cost: 100% will be refunded 

Who Can Apply? 

Participant should be: 

- DNB Member 

- Participated in “Saffer Masr” Course 

- Active member with DNB Activities 

If you are interested , please fill this ONLINE APPLICATION!

Deadline for receiving the applications is Wednesday 21st October 2015

Note : Please call Vodafone and  get an appointment at the Embassy after you apply and then you can cancel it if you are not selected.


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