Place: Pro-Social, Marzahn, Berlin, Germany

Dates: 22-29, August, 2015

Participating countries: Germany, Egypt, Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Turkey, Palestine, Slovenia, Poland and Morocco

No of DNB participants : 4

Themes and aim:

The modern day globalization is not only driven by technological progress, but also not political ideological change. A key dimension of the globalization is a rapid increase in cross-border flows of all sorts, finance and trade but also ideas, cultural, media products, and people. Globalisation has facilitated migration in ever greater numbers between an increasingly diverse and geographically distant array of destination and origin countries.

The aim of the training course is to explore the process of migration, which plays a very big role in every society, affection the young people in many areas like employability, integration, understanding, social dialogue, human rights, etc. Considering the push and the pull factors of migration we notice very big changes in our society today.

The theme migration (forced or not) with its influence on employability, integration, education and tolerance will collect 40 people from which are the most affected of the process of migration to work 8 days. The aim is to explore the complexity of migration process and related legal and political aspects, without losing the sight of the well-being needs of the affected population. It will also analyze response and negotiation mechanisms applicable to the employability, crisis situation, but also to come in direct contact with the affected group.

The objectives of the training course:

* Exchange of experience and good practice in youth work, related to international/local migration and mobility and its influence in the young people

* Training youth workers and youth leaders in addressing the challenges and opportunities resulting from migration for young people and the whole society

* Raising competence of youth workers and leaders about the push and pull factors of migration and causes and consequences of migration, and how to prevent negative effects of migration in the society

* Understanding the EU policies regarding migration and mobility and local realities in the participation countries and learning good practices

* Improve competencies about different youth mobility opportunities in Europe

* To develop new projects related to integration of young people from immigrant background

* Develop new initiatives in the field of migration and mobility for young people within the framework of Erasmus+ programme

Travel grant: maximum 360 Euro per participant for the return trip

Visa grant: maximum 100 Euro (covering actual costs)

Food, accommodation, material costs etc is covered fully by the project.

Who can participate?

* Passionate young youth leaders who are motivated to make a change in their society

* Have previous experience related to the topic

* With an age between 18 to 35 years old (exceptions for older participants with good motivation possible)

* Migration and/or refugee background welcomed

* Skilled in English to speak, listen and express themselves in writing

Participant should be: 

- DNB Member 

- Participated in “Saffer Masr” Course 

- Active member with DNB Activities 

- Have a previous Experience related to the topic

Note. Please book an appointment with the Embassy ASAP and cancel it if you are not selected

If you are interested , please fill this ONLINE APPLICATION!

Deadline for receiving the applications is Monday 6th July 2015

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, EU.