Spring of democracy Youth Exchange in Egypt

Call for Participants for " Spring of Democracy 2nd Phase " Youth Exchange  in Egypt

Phase 1 : 22 – 27.04.2013 International Film Festival and Study Visit in Göteborg, Sweden   ( Done )

Phase 2 : 15 – 21.06.2013 Youth Exchange in Cairo/Alexandria, Egypt

Partners :

o Development No Borders, Egypt

o Institute for Leadership Excellence, Jordan

o The Palestinian Consultative Staff for Developing NGOs in Jenin Governorate (PCS), Palestine

o KEKS/City of Mölndal, Sweden

Number of Participants from DNB: 6 (5 + 1 Group Leader  )

Target Group : We believe that the project could have a bigger impact on youngsters in the age category of 15-23 years, rather than on other categories of age.

As some of the participants are under 18 years at least 1 group leader will join them when traveling for international activities.

The Aim of the Project: The aim of the project is to stimulate youngster to reflect upon the human rights driven society and use to empower them to become active citizens.

Project Objectives: To empower youngsters between 15-19 years old to reflect and talk about human rights, democracy and human rights by creating short mobile phone films and by enrolling them into the International Film Festival organized in April 2013 in Göteborg, Sweden;

To improve the knowledge about the concept and practice of democracy and youth participation of 48 youngsters from 4 different countries by participating in a study visit and a youth exchange organized in Göteborg and Cairo/Egypt during April respectively June 2013;

Activities of the project:

Activity 1: Film competitions and International Mobile Phone Short Film Festival
( Done )

Every partner organization will organize a film competition. Youngsters between 15-23 years old, in teams of 1-3 persons will be able to record short films (maximum 10 min) created with the help of mobile phones and enroll them in the film competitions.
The topics for the movies are democracy, human rights, youth participation.

The winners of the local film competitions will be invited to attend the International Mobile Phone Short Film Festival organized in Göteborg, Sweden. Every partner is in charge of selecting their participants based on the results from the local film competition. The participants with the help of the organizers will apply for visas to travel to Sweden. Every partner will be represented by a group of 3 youngsters and 1 group leader.

Beside the main event for presenting the films to the public – the International Mobile Phone Short Film Festival which will take place in Göteborg, Sweden – every partner will organize an event for promoting the films and for showing them to the public (ex. movie night in the association, movie marathon in school etc.). The event in Egypt will be organized as an activity of the youth exchange.

The International Film Festival will last for one day and will be organized in collaboration with the Swedish ALF network. The IFF will be hosted by World Culture Museum (WCM) and will be organized in April 23, 2013. Beside showing the films we will have guest who will speak about human rights and democracy with special emphasis on the Arab Spring and citizens’ participation in the context of transition to democracy. Some of the persons invited to speak are Patrick Gruczkun from Swedish ALF network and Jonas Agdur, chairman of KEKS.

Activity 2: Study visit   ( Done )

The study visit comes in the continuity of the IFF and it is organized for 12 international participants (4 from each organization). Local youngsters will be invited also to attend some activities (debate, international evening etc.). The study visit will take place in Göteborg, in April 2013 and will have a duration of 5 days, from which one, April 23rd, will be dedicated to the attendance in the IFF. During the study visit the participants will have the opportunity to meet decision makers, activists, and meet other NGOs working on similar topics. They will have the opportunity to exchange good practices and understand how the issue of democracy and youth participation is tackled in Sweden. We also intend to promote - Join the

club – a KEKS instrument for working on the topic of human rights which is now under development. A part of the activities are conceived with the purpose of giving the participants the opportunity to interact with the local community and Swedish youngsters in order to foster the intercultural learning.

At the suggestion of the partners a report, containing the good practices gathered, with the purpose of multiplying the information in the participants’ countries will be made.

Activity 3: Youth exchange

A 7 days and will take place in Cairo/Alexandria, Egypt in June 2013. During the youth exchange 24 participants from the 4 partners will meet and reflect over the democratic driven society. The youth exchange will be based on non-formal education methods and will have activities like: energizers, get-to-know-each-other games, workshops, team-building games, flash-mob, simulation games etc. The participants will organize, as an activity of the youth exchange, a public event for promoting the films enrolled in the film competitions. Beside this activity the youngsters will meet activists, visit Tahrir square, have workshops about democracy and methods of participation, visit the Swedish Consulate in Alexandria etc. The activities of the youth exchange were developed based on partner’s inputs and in cooperation with Dina Aziz, the representant of Development No Borders, during her visit in Göteborg.

For the youth exchange in Cairo every participating team should be composed of participants in the film festival, volunteers from the organization and 1-2 group leaders able to speak English. The volunteers attending the activities should be interested in the topic of democracy, open to meet people from different cultures and engaged in the project. The selection of the participants is the responsibility of every partner organization.

Activity 4: Evaluation, dissemination of project’s results and reporting

One intermediary evaluation will be organized after the international activities in Göteborg. We will evaluate the promotion of the project in every partner organisation, the promotion and organization of the IFF and the study visit.

The final evaluation will take place after the youth exchange. We’ll evaluate all the activities of the project and its expected results.

An open report will be developed. The report will be available in electronic and printed format and will be sent to stakeholders interested in the project. Every partner organization will receive 100 printed reports that they can also distribute in their communities and to their partners. The report will be available for download on the partners’ websites.

Every partner is responsible for organizing an event for disseminating the project results in their community. The partners are free to choose and design what event they wish to organize: press conference, seminar, presentation, public stand etc.

Note . You should be available for the 6 days of the exchange even it is in Egypt as you will stay in the hotel with all participants.

Who Can Apply?

Participant should be:

- DNB Member

- Participated in “Saffer Masr” Course

- Active member with DNB Activities

If you are interested , please fill this online application

Deadline for receiving the applications is Saturday 21st May 2013

“Project co-funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation”.


International Relations Committee

Development NO Borders