Training Course Enter the net-Digital competences of organizations - CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS

Date : 20/09/2015 - 27/09/2015

Place :Molina, Spain (near Malaga)

Number of Participants from DNB: 2

Project Summary :
More than two billion people make the global online population. In other words, around 30% of the total population of the earth uses internet, the vast majority of which is young people. In order to use it consciously don’t hesitate to take part to the new Training course supported by YEU, this November in Spain.

Dates: 20-27 of September 2015 (travel days INCLUDED)
Venue: Mollina, Spain
Coutries involved: Belgium, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Cyprus, Egypt, FYROM/Macedonia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Serbia, Portugal, Poland and Spain.
Number of Participants: 24

Target groups:
The project targets youth workers and particularly 2 main groups of youth workers
- youth trainers (people who facilitate the learning process of young people).
- youth organizers/managers (people who are responsible for the coordination of the activities of the organization, the communication, the daily tasks, the practical arrangements, etc).
Objectives of this activity are:
• To underline the importance of using ICT and OER on a daily basis in the work of the youth organization (when attracting new members, when coordinating projects, when managing logistical and practical issues, when networking and communicating)
• To raise awareness about ICT, OER and Internet Governance
• To encourage the use of ICT and OER in the daily work of the organization
• To develop tools/methods/tips to work with ICT and OER in the daily life of the organization

During all the activities, non-formal education methods will be used in order to ensure the active participation of the youth workers involved. The use of non-formal education will enable participants to get the chance to know each other, cooperate and share information. The working methods will stimulate participants’ personal, socio-educational and professional growth.

Participants of the “Enter the net!” will acquire different competences

Below, the specific skills, knowledge and attitudes participants will gain are indicated;
- Knowledge related to the shortages in using ICT and OER in youth organizations
- Understanding what ICT and OER are
- Conceptualizing what internet governance is
- Knowledge related to use ICT and OER from a human rights perspective
- Exploring ways of using ICT and OER in youth organizations
- Sharing practises in using ICT and OER in different partner countries and in Europe
- Identifying potential challenges when using ICT and OER, especially under the internet governance spectrum and relevant solutions
- Digital skills related to using ICT and OER in the educational activities and the rest of administrative activities of the youth organizations
- Skills related to using ICT and OER taking into consideration the online human rights
- Skills related to adjusting the activities of the organization with the current context and the needs of young people
- Active listening and Communication through the interaction with other participants: ability to listen to different opinions and to express their own
- Cooperation in group, shared responsibility and working together with others for common benefit
- Democratic participation in activities with their peers
- Motivation to use ICT and OER in their activities as youth workers
- Desire to contribute to the improvement of youth work by using ICT and OER
- Sense of responsibility to share with others the competences they gained
- Respect to other people despite gender, cultural or other diversity
- Appreciation of diversity and empathy for others
- cultural awareness (due to the interaction with many people from diverse cultural backgrounds)
Working language
The working language of the training course will be English.


Youth for Exchange and Understanding will cover 70% of travel costs (maximum travel costs are indicated below) from the resident country. The food and lodging cost will be covered by YEU. The participants are obliged to have receipts of all tickets they will use, boarding passes and invoices of the credit card that was used for buying the tickets for online payments otherwise they will not be reimbursed! In addition, the participants are expected to fully participate in the sessions unless there are health related unexpected circumstances. If there is unjustified absence from the sessions, YEU will not reimburse the participants. All participants will be reimbursed after the event by bank transfer.
Participation fee: 50 EUR (EU countries), 30 EUR (non-EU countries)
Number of participants divided per country and maximum travel costs per country

Visa Cost: 100% will be refunded 

Who Can Apply? 

Participant should be: 

- DNB Member 

- Participated in “Saffer Masr” Course 

- Active member with DNB Activities 

- Have a previous Experience related to the topic

Note. Please book an appointment with the Embassy ASAP and cancel it if you are not selected

If you are interested , please fill this ONLINE APPLICATION!

Deadline for receiving the applications is Sunday 5th July 2015