"V.Y.P. Volunteering as an engine for Young People" Call for EVS Volunteer

Dates : 01/01/2016 – 31/12/2016

Place : Olhão , Portugal

Responsible for carrying out the project duties as described in the project description. Contribute is time,energy and enthusiasm towards the aims and objectives of the project activities. Attend EVS training and meetings with partners. Inform the Sending Organization of special needs that could affect the project and agree on the information which can or should be forwarded (diet, illnesses for which precautions need to be taken, and others). Follow the rules of conduct.


During the first weeks there will be some meetings to verify attitudes, interests and abilities of every volunteer and will introduce at the project’s activity, subsequently volunteer will begin the following


- Support the development of activities for youngsters, which will involve the preparation of group dynamics, team building activities, cultural activities, sport activities, and others, always in articulation with the association's team;

- School support, where the volunteer will have the chance to have direct contact with childrens and organise several outside activities;

- Promotion of games and activities for youngsters during the school breaks;

- Work at the social living room of MOJU´s head offices, which are open for the children and youngsters from Monday to Sunday, where the volunteer can help in the organisation of the space, in the organisation of activities for the holidays related to special events, in the organisation of sports activities and in the creation of new activities, among others;

- Support in the international relationships, helping the team in the organization of International Trainings for cooperation of people from different nationalities in various subjects, Youth Work Camps, for the promotion of volunteerism in various subjects and International Training and Exchange Programs;

- Office support in the internation level, helping the team with administrative tasks, making contacts with Internacional partners and helping to establish new partnerships.

The volunteers will be activly involved in all phases of developing projects for youth in the framework of Youth in Action programme including planning, implementing, direct work with youth and evaluating the activities such as campaigns and promotion, youth camps, seminars and trainings and youth exchanges. That means being in contact with our international partners, coordination of meetings with young project participants, leading the workshops (optionally) and even assisting in newsletter preparation. The volunteers will be active participants in the Association. Will help in the activities and projects that we develope on the diferent fields. They can participate in manifold tasks and can also lend a helping hand in the organization itself, where the tasks will depend on their interests and abilities. The volunteers will take part in the organization of the various cultural events and youth activities that we offer and will be partially in charge of them. The volunteers also should work with youngsters, developing activities for and with them.

The volunteer activities will begin on 01st of January of 2015 to end on the 31st of December 2015, being 12 months of volunteer service.

Weekly Schedule: Voluntary service will be carried out on 5 days per week and the schedule will not exceed 30 hours per week. The timetable it's in the moorning at 10h00, stopped at 13h00, and it restarts in the afternoon at 15h00 until 18h00. In exceptional cases, because of participation in special initiatives, a service during evening or festival days can be requested. The weekend is free except those weekends when exhibition or other workshops will be hold. Activities during the weekend are organized very often and each working day during the weekends will be substituted by one weekly day off. The typical weekly Schedule can be modified depending on the volunteer interest, in agreement with the Host Organization.

Language Training: the Portuguese language training will be provided 3 times a week.

Holidays: 2 days off per month are foreseen during the service. These days can be gathered and used all together or in different times, but always agreeing with the Hosting Organization.

The volunteer will have good quality food and accommodation, included in the project budget.

Food: The house where the volunteer will live have a kitchen that can be used. A monthly contribution will be given to every volunteer in the amount of 150 Euros.

Accommodation: The volunteer will live in a furnished rented flat shared with other EVS Volunteers, very close from the office (10 minutes walking) and not far from the centre of the town (15 minutes walking).The flat contains all the necessary amenities and is divided in different rooms, kitchen and bathroom.

The volunteers will live very close from the office (5-10 minutes walking) and not far from the the centre of the town (15 minutes walking), so no local transports will be requiered. MOJU head office has bikes that can be borrowed to the volunteer.


The volunteer will receive during his stay in Olhão, a monthly pocket money. The amount is stipulated by the Erasmus + Programme and is equal to 100 Euros. The Coordinating Organization will be responsible to pay the pocket money at the end of each month. The volunteer will also receive a monthly allowance as food contribution above mentioned.


The EVS will support the development of SKA´s (skill´s, knowledge and attitudes) in activities/ projects planning, implementation and evaluation, as well as several other competencies, such as:

- Knowledge about Portuguese culture and Portuguese youngsters;

- Ability to communicate in a foreign language (communication in Portuguese);

- Approach to different tasks in different activities/ projects which will allow the development of responsibility, organization skills, initiative and entrepreneurship among lots of other SKA´s;

- Leadership abilities when facing problems, managing conflicts, working with colleagues to achieve desired goals and maintaining open communication among lots of others;

- Team orientation while working with other members of the team and volunteers;

- Innovation and creativity as well as the ability to plan and implement innovate ideas to the activities/ projects;

- Personal characteristics such as positive attitude on the work, ability to share information, ability to make judgments and ability to make decisions.

In order to describe what EVS volunteer have done and to show what it learned, will be produced an Youth Pass, describing the project and participant details, the roles and tasks developed by the volunteer, the training activities accomplished and the develope competencies.

Who Can Apply? 

Participant should be: 

- DNB Member 

- Participated in “Saffer Masr” Course 

- Active member with DNB Activities 

Note. You MUST book an appointment with the Embassy ASAP and cancel it if you are not selected

If you are interested , please send your CV to dnb@dnbegypt.com

Deadline for receiving the applications is Thursday  25th September 2015