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Volunteer Information

In this section, you'll provide information about how someone can actually become a volunteer for your nonprofit. 

Consider including information such as:
- eligibility requirements
- any special forms that a volunteer needs to fill out
- frequently asked questions about volunteering with your nonprofit
- an online form to solicit volunteer information directly through this site

To add text or insert a video, click on the 'Edit Page' icon above. You can write directly over the text on the site. 

To add an online form directly within the page, click on the 'Insert' link in the Google Sites menu bar and insert a spreadsheet form. 

Note! You'll have to create the spreadsheet form separately and then embed it within this site. You can use our Volunteer Registration Form to create a form for your nonprofit. Once you've created the form, you can embed it on your Volunteer Website.

To attach any relevant documents to this page, such as volunteer requirements, you can click on 'Attachments' below and upload the relevant documents directly from your computer to this website.

Make sure to 'Save' your work often!

Delete all unneeded text before you share your website with volunteers.
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