DNB Volunteer of The Month - June 2013

June 2013
Huda Mohamed

DNB is pleased to announce that our Volunteer ( Huda Mohamed ) is  DNB Volunteer of the month for June 2013 !

Huda is DNB member since 2010 . She came into DNB as one of her friends advised her to take " Saffer Masr " Training course . but by the time , she spent most of her time WITH DNB , And the reason is " I like that ! " said Huda .

Huda is one of the Active members in DNB since she has joined and a fact about her that she has never apply to participate in any International Project Outside Egypt !

Now , She is doing a very good effort at the International Relations Committee.

With the name of DNB Family , Thanks Huda for your effort and we wish you the best in your upcoming life after graduation isA :)