Volunteer of the Month - June 2014

June 2014
Raghda Tharwat & Mohamed Nagi

Raghda Tharwat : It is JUST the 2nd time for her to be DNB Volunteer of the Month ! Cause she deserves to have it every month but we couldn't hide that this month as she did a lot for DNB during June 2014.
Raghda is the mentor for the french volunteers working with DNB. She is guiding them in Everything related to their activities with DNB and also supporting them to get the Egyptian Experience !
Not only this , But she has managed to organize " Saffer Masr " Training course for the 1st time from A to Z ! she has faced many problems during it but she managed to do it ! 
                                                     Thanks Raghda for being the Power of DNB :)


Mohamed Nagi is also DNB volunteer of the Month for the 2nd Time !
 Nagi has organized many " E3raf Baladak " Activities for DNB through the last 3 months and he has managed to bring this idea back to DNB !
He has managed to organize these activities Inside and Outside Cairo successfully and he really did great effort to organize them from A to Z
Also Nagi took the responsibility of " Ramadan Bags " This year , He was a volunteer with the same activity last year and this year he became the Responsible person for this charity Activity . He managed to spread many bags with the support of a team working with him and they are still working on this.

Thanks A lot ya Nagi , YOU ARE THE MAN :)

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